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Wednesday 16 February 2011

It's Kim Jong-Il's Birthday - Hurrah - Or Perhaps Not

Yes, the absurd North Korean dictator celebrates today his 69th birthday, according to North Korean records, or his 70th if you prefer the Russian version...

Thanks to Wired.com's excellent "Danger Room" feature, I found the following amusing video which sets out to take the piss out of the ridiculous and incredibly anachronistic Stalinist régime that the ailing dictator heads.

I have written "amusing" and so it is, though not of course to the millions of starving, brainwashed North Koreans who are not part of the elite.

"Shapeless tragedies in taupe" was one fashion critic's comment on the dictator's clothing - this a response to a statement from North Korea claiming that it was becoming a world fashion leader...


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banned said...

What is it about third world dictatorships that the more tin-pot they are the more they ape the Wests military traditions?

What's with the silly uniforms, the absurd array of medals (in a country that has not been at war since the 1950's) and, not least, the silly goose-step?

Seems Kims successor son has been identified because he alone is permitted to copy dad in wearing a (silly) fur cap with earmuffs like something from the Monty P. Lumberjack sketch.

Paul said...

Well I rather think that in this case, they are aping the USSR's military history. Remember that the soviets used to goose-step, and of course the North Koreans' silly hats are exact copies of those used fifty years ago by the Red Army.

I note with interest that Kim Jong-Il's deeply unattractive third son (no doubt born on a mountain at the end of a rainbow) has been made a four-star general. I suppose that soon he will be seen in a uniform smothered in scrambled egg with medals extending down to his nadgers!