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Monday, 21 February 2011

Catalogue of Scum

The Telegraph today provides a list of possible successors to arsehole-in-chief "Dr" Robert Mugabe.

As the title reads: A catalogue of scum, with the exception perhaps of Mrs Mujuru, who appears to be the wife of a major arsehole.

How sorry I am for the people of Zimbabwe.

Until the next time.


banned said...

The people of Zim got what they wished for, cunts.

Paul said...

Thanks again for your comment, but I don't think you are quite correct here - at least not all the people wanted Murderer Mugabe. In 1980 or thereabouts a girlfriend was visited by a couple (white) from Zimbabwe: they could already see which way the wind was blowing and got out in good time. They told us that many of the black people whom they knew were saying that they wished they were once again living under the government of Ian Smith!