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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Libya II

With Gadaffi seemingly increasingly cornered like the rat he is, various observers have suggested that the situation can get only worse.

Gadaffi has money and he has mercenaries and since it will be obvious to anyone who has seen his recent public appearances that the man is a raving lunatic, he is quite likely to wreak even more havoc on the long-suffering Libyan people.

I have been following when I can, the BBC coverage and things have reached the point when protesters are begging other countries even the USA (despite years of anti-American propaganda) to intervene - militarily.

I agree with the protesters on this: I feel that the time has come not for sanctions, which would be most unlikely to influence Gadaffi, but armed intervention. How this would work of course is another matter. The U.N. is the traditional route, but I suppose that the Chinese and perhaps the Russians, would probably veto any Security Council resolution. If anything of this type is to be done I suppose it will be once again the "dreadful" Americans who will have to come to the rescue.

The Daily Telegraph has an interesting piece though on this subject:

"There have also been calls for the Americans to enforce a no-fly zone to prevent warplanes being used to quash the revolt – but why should these matters be left to the Americans, or to Nato forces? Are other Arab leaders so intent on saving their own necks, or so wary of fomenting insurrection elsewhere, that they will do nothing beyond denouncing Gaddafi?"

Meanwhile, the British have sent a Frigate, HMS Cumberland to provide, possibly, assistance in evacuation. The Telegraph wryly points out that the Cumberland has just one helicopter - and is in fact due to be axed soon.

Not a good time for defence cuts, I feel; it's a dangerous world.

Until the next time.

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banned said...

Things are moving way to fast for any effective intervention by the UN (though I understand that the Security Council has "unanimously" condemned Gadaffis violence). The USA would be on a hiding to nothing by intervening, UK likewise.

Acoording to Captain Ranty the Italian airforce may already be involved but the only other local power with the capability to influence things is Egypt (and there is always Israel but I expect that they would rather not get involved).

Everyody at the Beeb and eleswhere slagging off the West for previously 'supporting' Gadaffi but imagine the squeals of protest had 'we' sought to bring him down?