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Friday 11 February 2011

Egypt (Call me a cynic)

I have just been listening to President Obama celebrating the astonishing achievement of the Egyptian people in ridding themselves of their president. As is typical of American politicians, he has praised "democracy", "freedom", etc., etc.

So, if my experience of the myth of "democracy" is anything to go by, there should soon be a smoking ban in Egypt; and if the Islamists take over, there will be nothing that could be called "life" at all.

Thinking of Sherlock Holmes, I have always had a secret longing to visit "Ionides of Alexandria" to purchase a thousand of those "excellent cigarettes"; I suppose that even were I to find the money my wish, like so many in my life, would be bound to remain unfulfilled.

Until the next time.


banned said...

Egypt already has a smoking ban, they rolled it out starting in Alexandria.


Paul said...

Whoops! Thanks for that - please don't say I must write 100 lines: "I must research before posting"!

I am quite surprised I must say.

Bloody anti-tobacco bastards.