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Saturday, 22 November 2008

An Islamic Twerp Raises his Profile

A short while ago I mentioned in a post about various Islamic brutalities and nonsense, one repulsive individual who rejoices in the name "Sheikh" Abdirahim Isse Adow.

Mmm, nice!
"Mr Whippy"  Image source: here

Yes this is Somalia's "Mr Whippy", if this does not seem too light-hearted for a bigoted, misguided, anachronistic, misanthropic, muslim barbarian.  Well, he has raised his head - and beard - once again.

Adow is very upset that the pirates who seem to have an easy time in hopeless Somalia, have hijacked what the cretin calls a "muslim" ship.  I wouldn't want a "muslim" ship to carry my $100,000,000-worth of oil: not much use to have a ship that turns around and faces Mecca three times a day!

Anyway he is referring to the Saudi-Arabian oil-tanker, hi-jacked last week by the pirates.  He says that the hi-jacking of a muslim ship (sic) is much more serious than the hi-jacking of any other ship, and in consequence says that his revolting followers will deal with the pirates.

With whips perhaps?  I should like to know if the Koran, as interpreted by Adow, deems that hi-jacking a "muslim" ship is naughtier than ladies and gentlemen dancing together.

It seems that this may be more complex than the "sheikh" imagines, since it is said that some of the worthy, god-fearing, upright islamites are sharing the spoils with the pirates (as are, by some accounts certain elements of what passes for the Somali government).

Quel bordel!

For some reason, this reminds me of a recent item in Private Eye, which reported how a police chief in Ghana was unable to explain how 2 tonnes of cocaine "disappeared" from his police headquarters...

Quel bordel!

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