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Monday, 10 November 2008

Damn' Right!

The subject of Free Speech is one guaranteed to get my blood pressure up into to the red part of the scale - principally because of course despite its being guaranteed by various international treaties and charters and well-meaning bodies it seems not to exist in many parts of the world.

I have written here on this subject a number of times - for example on 1st March and 3rd March this year.

For once something good has happened. Today the BBC reports that the Centre for Social Cohesion, a British organisation has, citing the cases of 27 writers who have been threatened for criticising the Muslim religion, stated that "governments have a duty to ensure free speech for all citizens" (or of course in Great Britain, subjects).

This sort of thing is long overdue: I considered it outrageous that a foreign government could threaten the life of a British subject with seeming impunity. I refer to the case of Salman Rushdie, who was obliged to live in hiding for nine years, all because he wrote a book. And what about this case (from the BBC article):

"And Syrian-born Danish MP Naser Khader, who founded the organisation Democratic Muslims, in the wake of the Prophet Muhammad cartoon row, lives under 24-hour police protection, said the think tank's report. "

Britain needs a new Lord Palmerston: he would have known how to deal with these religious fatheads.

That's right: they make me bloody angry with their insufferable arrogance and barbaric medieval behaviour, all in the name of their god.

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