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Sunday 23 November 2008

More on the Sirius Star

The Sirius Star is the Saudi-Arabian tanker which, with its $100,000,000-worth of oil has been hijacked by pirates from the Republic - sorry bordel - of Somalia.

Another fat-headed islamist sheikh has now stuck his oar in, as this extract from the Daily Telegraph article describes:

"If the pirates want peace, they had better release the tanker," said Sheikh Ahmed, a spokesman for the Shebab militant group in the coastal region of Harardhere, where the Sirus Star is anchored.

Yeah - and my dad's bigger 'n yours...

Over to the pirates:

"We are the Shebab of the sea and we can't be scared by the Shebab of the land," Mohamed Said said. "If anybody attempts to attack, that would be suicide."

Hmm, "Mohamed Said"; fine Irish name...

The pirate expands a little:

"Every Somali has great respect for the holy kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have nothing against them but unfortunately what happened was just business for us and I hope the Saudis will understand,"

Personally, I am absolutely certain that the Saudis will see the joke.  "What happened" - ho ho...

Dear God!  What a farce.

Until the next time.

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