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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Bandits IV Revisted

"The black Stalin/Hitler"** with some of his gilded  popinjays :
Nyezhov, Ngoebbels, Nhimmler etc.
Source: here

Well, as has been widely reported, "Doctor" Robert Gabriel Mugabe's Rhodesia is going from bad to worse; the poor people having now to endure a cholera epidemic to add to the sum of absurd inflation plus famine, ballot-rigging and brutality.

Now the mass-murderer, marxist, tyrant and all-round verminous Stalin-impersonator has a new problem that no doubt, he will blame on the "British imperialists": his soldiers are unable to withdraw more than the equivalent of 50 pence per day (the price of a single banana apparently***) from the banks; unsurprisingly, to take a leaf from P.G.Wodehouse, they are not exactly gruntled about this development and have chosen to express their displeasure.  With his great political judgement and wisdom, Mugabe, he of the many degrees - presumably beaten out of the examiners - has started to have his repellent police imprison the soldiers.

Smart move (ironically speaking), but the police will have to work even harder now with all their oppression duties to see to.

It is my wish that finally Mugabe will receive the beatings that he is so happy to dispense elsewhere, resulting in his deserved death, an occurrence unlikely to be mourned by anyone, with the exception of his few favourites who will no doubt escape to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth in some other appalling country willing to accept these scum - who would be most unlikely to want to stay at home where the oppressed population would probably want a "word" with them.

Soon, I may write a short piece about Mugabe's predecessor: war hero, sane and utterly incorruptible: Mr Ian Douglas Smith.  In the early '80s I met a chap and his wife who had arrived in England from Zimbabwe - they had wisely got out.  They told me that already the black people they knew were saying that they wished that Smith was back in charge.  I wonder what they would say now?

Until the next time

**No description is sufficiently offensive for this bastard
† Thanks to the late Lord Hives for this expression
*** Here in France I can buy six bananas for a  little more than a euro.


In a radical move, Harare City Council is now offering free graves - for cholera victims.

Well, I admit it: I was wrong.  Mugabe has achieved something: free graves.  Well done Robert.

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