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Monday 16 December 2013

Thank You Private Eye

Yes, a big thank you to one of my favourite publications - the last issue desperately awaited following the death of Nelson Mandela and the absurd over-reaction of the world's media.

Private Eye's latest edition included a full page of suitable and very amusing, antidotes.  "Free-eeeeeeeeeee Lawson Nigella" was especially entertaining.

I watched two blokes, one a Labour M.P. last week on the television.  One of them said something along the following lines: "If we say that Adolf Hitler was the worst man of the twentieth century, then we can say that Mandela was the greatest."

I of course expostulated that this was rubbish.  Mandela was indeed a great man, brave and showing resolute leadership at a difficult time. Hitler was of course an awful man, but I think that Mao Tse Tung and Stalin were worse than he - at least judging by body-count. And as for "the greatest" my list would have to include Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill, who together saved western civilisation. (I do of course recognise Soviet Russia's vast contribution, but find my gorge rising when I think of the then Soviet leader and his numerous toadies).

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