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Monday 30 December 2013

Flog It (to death?)

There is a television programme, on BBC2 called "Flog It!" where members of the public are invited to bring antique and/or collectible items for valuation and usually to be sold at auction.

The programme is presented by a profoundly irritating individual by name Paul Martin.  Martin has an annoying camp voice and displays appalling familiarity to the participants, extending even to placing his arm around the shoulders of various old, or not-so-old ladies.  He asks them "And what will you do with the money?" - that is the money (less the auctioneers' commission) realised from the sale of their items.

I have nothing worth selling, but if I did, it would give me great pleasure to reply to the money question "mind your own fucking business" or perhaps taking a leaf from Vivian Stanshall's book, "I think I'll become an alcoholic" or even "I think I'll stick it all up my nose."

Horrible common stuff - with the BBC feeling as it so often does these days, that it must play to the gallery.


Until the next time


Anonymous said...

flog it.... ha,ha,ha. about as real and unscripted as the bbc news. Absolute dogs wobbly bits....even the background people are chosen.The profoundly irritating celebrity lives locally and frequents one of my venues. As for Aldridge Auctioneers, I`ve known him for 30 years....and can tell a tale or two.

Throw your telly out of the window.

Paul said...

How nice when opinions coincide - a lovely warm feeling indeed!