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Saturday 28 December 2013

A Fine Scene

On its television coverage, the BBC as usual, reported on the traditional Boxing Day meets, accompanied by some fine footage of the normal spendid sight of horses, riders and hounds assembling for a meet. And inevitably, with its usual left-wing bias, the BBC was quick to remind us that (apparently) a majority of the population is in favour of a continued ban on the sport, a ban introduced by the loathsome Tony Blair supported by his repellent wife (who was reportedly shocked at the sight of a (dead) fox being 'torn apart' by the hounds).  Of course the hounds 'tore apart' the fox; that's their job - duh!

I have seen the result of fox activity - the bastard vermin got my chickens in France...

No doubt the Blairs (and I suppose the BBC) would be highly supportive of the scheme to re-introduce wolves into rural France in the interests of conservation.  Has Mrs Blair seen a sheep torn apart by wolves?  I doubt it.  And the furious shepherds are of course not allowed to shoot the vicious predators which damage their livlihoods.

The world is bloody-well upside down and I for one hate it.

Until the next time - and if you think that this post is "reactionary," just wait for my end of year special - ha-ha!

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