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Friday, 30 August 2013


On reflection, I consider that a military strike - even a so-called surgical strike (if at all possible) - against Bashar al-Assad's horrible regime would not be a good idea.  I believe that the Syrian government, or at least elements of the Syrian military are responsible for the awful chemical attacks carried out last week since I am convinced that rebels do not have the means for such attacks.

Nevertheless, there are it seems, terrible people on both sides, and given the likelihood of collateral damage and deaths possibly of innocents, I can see that all an attack would do would be further to entrench opinions there, and were such attacks to result in the substantial weakening or even removal of al-Assad, in no time at all there would be another bunch of medieval extremists in charge with their stupid Sharia Laws, who would continue to wage war - as they have done for 1300 years - on their ideological opponents - Sunni or Shia, take your pick.

As for Mr Miliband's performance in the House of Commons yesterday, I see him as a nasty little opportunist turncoat and appeaser.

And the people of Syria will continue to suffer, victims of an ideology that is a 1000 years out of date.

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Anonymous said...

....perfectly put, considering Chinese & Russian stance I think we have done very well to hold back.
It would be a fool who would take at face value any "dossier" at this time.

So you have seen through Millband and his oiks,they are all part of the same gang . Dividing the Nation and lining their own nests. Its not about right and left its about right and wrong......


Paul said...

In 1970, The Melody Maker asked various musicians to declare which party they intended to support in the forthcoming general election.

Robert Fripp replied "Faced with a choice of Edward's toothy grin and Harold's patrician smile I remain a gently undulating blob of impotence."

I fear that that represents my position on Syria!