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Friday 2 August 2013

Current News: Fracking and Zimbabwe

I see that the nimbies are hard at it at Balcombe: "Frack off" says one deathlessly witty poster.


I swear that if I lived in Balcombe, the protesters would have an uphill job to persuade me to join them.  I am wholly in favour of exploration; the right-on protesters would do well to reflect that natural gas in vast quantities will be required to fill the gaps whilst their useless wind turbines are, as usual doing sod-all.

Just see what happens when the power is cut off and they are unable to whine on Twitter or Facebook! They would have been better advised to picket the court and boo and jeer at the two monsters who were sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal and horrible murder of a little boy.  What a pity we are not allowed to hang them.

As for Zimbabwe, the black Stalin is claiming victory in this week's election. No doubt the "happy" citizens of his ruined country have provided a majority of 98.9% to keep this corrupt mass-murderer in his destructive role.  The useless African Union has declared the elections to have been fair; in a pig's eye - after all there is none so blind as he who will not see.


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Anonymous said...

NOT NIMBYS just ordinary people looking after our backyard. Fracking concerns are real and even if we were to get "cheap fuel" it would soon be sold to some European conglomerate and then flogged back to us at higher prices.

When these outside actions happen it is because small villages have no power on their own. Balcombe wouldn`t even be an issue outside the parish. To the Authorities It matters not a jot the opinions and feelings of a
community. You and the DM may call them rent a mob but I know them as committed groups of people with a social conscience. They do it so we dont have to. If you dont stand for something you`ll fall for anything.....`o

Paul said...


I didn't call them "rent-a-mob." I think that the professional protesters, apparently funded by tax-payers, are not rented but there for their own reasons, certainly not rented by the residents in Balcombe.

Fracking has been in operation in this country for over 20 years (including in an area of "outstanding natural beauty), so why the sudden panic?

I reiterate that I would not oppose fracking in any area in which I lived.