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Friday 26 April 2013

I'll Bet You Weren't Expecting This

What? You ask.

The answer is a bouquet for Nick Clegg MP.  I am no supporter of the Ludicrous Democrats, or even democracy itself; I believe in minimum government - the less the better, hence my dislike/distrust of the super-layer at Brussels.

I have posted numerous times here about the government's plans to snoop on electronic communications; here's an example; search under "Big Brother" or "surveillance" for more.

However it seems that Clegg has put a spoke in the government's wheel on this business, so at least we are spared this awful business for a while.  I suppose if the socialists get in in 2015 we'll have it all again; socialists (actually like the Lib Dems) love ordering us about and interfering in our lives; telling us ridiculous lies about "global warming" "wind farms" and "passive smoking"; trying to make us eat disgusting vegetables and ride bloody bicycles etc.

I was born far too late.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

the surveillance society is already here.....has been since phone tapping invented.

The bill was unworkable and unenforcable. Clegg, just the mouthpiece to cover administrators backs.....

You do well to distrust Brussels.
“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

I quite like vegetables though 0`

Paul said...

"The bill was unworkable and unenforcable. Clegg, just the mouthpiece to cover administrators backs....."

The bill was appalling; phone-tapping can be necessary of course, even I can see that.

Anonymous said...

so...are you saying that some surveillance is neccessary? ...what about when they tap yours?
(or perhaps it hasn`t happened to you)

even more `O than usual.

Paul said...

Absolutely - under strictly controlled conditions. I do not trust the Government's security with digital data - too many lap-tops left in cars for a start.

However surveillance has saved thousands of lives. As for me I don't care: I don't have a stupid beard, or a towel around my head like those traitors who were jailed the other day; neither am I planning to blow anything up, nor do I believe in Allah or any of that fanatical religious crap.

Anonymous said...

and who strictly controls the controllers?

No digital data is safe now from intrusion....it can only get worse...with or without anybodies Bill

I`ll stick with the thought crime.


Paul said...

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

Of course, nothing new in that worry.

So what do you suggest? Anarchy?

I dislike government as I wrote above; there is far too much of it. Indeed, perhaps excess government leads to greater social and criminal problems - rather as excessive taxes and the associated bureaucratic complexities increase the size of the black economy?