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Sunday 28 April 2013

How To Write A Love-Letter

Once again, a little something found in Cyril Connolly's The Evening Colonnade.   This time, a review of Theodore Besterman's translations of Voltaire's love-letters to his niece.

This letter may have been written by the niece, Mme Denis; the text does not make it entirely clear (or maybe I am too thick to work out what's going on).

"You are the unique end of all my aims and I flatter myself that I shall soon  be happier.  You are my consolation, and I have no other desire than to make you happy during my life and after my death.  I will always love you tenderly until the day on which the law of nature separates what nature and love united.  Let us love until then.  A thousand kisses."

It is just possible that the letter may have been written to Walpole by Mme du Deffand...  I really don't know, but it doesn't matter for the purposes of this post.

It's a million to one that SHE will read this, but should she do so, then despite the fact that I am quoting from a book, she will understand perfectly my feelings for her and that as I quote I am thinking of HER.

Until the next time.

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