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Wednesday 10 April 2013

More Nonsense in the Far East

God knows how many times I have written about the utterly bizarre "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" - North Korea to you and me.  Certainly it is a republic - of a sort, though as the ruling dynasty has now reached the third generation, one might be forgiven for viewing it as a sort of monarchical banana-republic.  It is not democratic of course (though I should add I am not much of an enthusiast for democracy, taking as I do the Marquess of Salisbury's view on the matter) and it is definitely NOT "the people's."  It is in the Korean peninsula however, making the name about 25% accurate I suppose.

The idea of a sort of monarchy without any aristocratic principles is depressing; the results speak for themselves.  A tragic (for the people there) situation where a substantial part of the population are near to starvation, whilst the state is ruled by a stupid, inexperienced fat boy, desperate to establish himself as a "strong man" in front of all those silly be-medalled (what for?) generals and the vast ill-equipped army they command.  To this end, the state persists, in the face of universal opposition, in developing missiles and attempting to develop viable nuclear weapons.

Now the silly clown is ranting about making "thermo-nuclear war" something he is of course unable to do; he is able only to upset Mr Ban ki-Moon at the UN and annoy his erstwhile friends, the Chinese. 

There is a nicely-contemptuous article on ZeroHedge.com which suggests that after months of ranting from  Pyongyang, the yawn factor has begun to come into operation.

Hardly surprising - even the silly boy must know that if he were to be foolish enough to try anything, it would most likely be the last time he did.  It reminds me of that famous James Cagney film, where we see Cagney standing on top of a gasometer shouting "Made it Ma - top of the world!" at which he fires his revolver into the gas-holder with predictable results.

Finally, there's usually some interesting information to be had on the Deep Black Horizon blog.
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