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Friday 15 March 2013

The USA Responds

The New York Times today reported that substantially increased anti-missile defences are to be deployed on the Pacific Coast of the USA.

The deployments are in response to the rattling of what are arguably slightly rusty sabres in Pyonyang, by that unappealing and rather bulky young berk who is the current "Dear Leader" - the third in the dynasty.

I have read somewhere that the US has "stealthy" drone aircraft. Would it not be possible to arrange for one of these near undetectable aircraft to drop a large cow-pat on the fat head of that deranged idiot?

Hardly a war-crime I should say, but a salutary lesson with the possible benefit of adding to the Dear Leader's limited brains.

Should this idea present practical difficulties, I suppose that the US could send another dim basketball player over - to confuse the fellow.

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