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Sunday 3 March 2013

The Elgin Marbles

It is not really a very good time for prime minister Mr David Cameron, with the embarrassment at Eastleigh on Thursday with the burgeoning UK Independence Party beating the Conservatives into third place.

How anyone in Eastleigh could have voted for the useless, corrupt and pathetic Liberal Democrats is beyond my imagination, but that as they say is democracy - i.e. what we have to put up with from our brilliant fellow-subjects.

Anyway Cameron has redeemed himself a little in my eyes upon my discovering that he does not intend that the Elgin Marbles (now known by the politically-correct as "The Parthenon Marbles") be returned.  Good.

Does it annoy any of you that names and pronunciations are constantly changed?

So to make myself clear:

"Mumbai" is Bombay
"Myanmar" is Burma
"Innuits" are Eskimos - or more properly Esquimaux
"Romania" is Roumania - that's how my Roumanian ex-girlfriend spelled it.
And Kenya is pronounced "Keenya" as I was taught
I can just about stand "Tanzania" and Zimbabwe, but they are horrible names.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

I was with him on this until he slipped into Newspeak.
Anyway ,he is lying cos his lips are moving.....

ah...the triteness goes on.

and as for Eastleigh,turkeys voting for Xmas, if voting changed anything it would be illegal.
I have to say UKIP seem to making a dent in popular votes...and the other parties not taking them at all seriously..They could become the third force in British politics. Popular opinion is dissatisfied with our present crop of headless chickens and as voting is the only choice it is only a matter of time before a bloody nose is delivered to con/lib/lab.

Paul said...

Absolutely with you on this; LabLibCon - where's the difference? - Clegg in particular is a weather-vane but the other two performers do not exactly knock out my pipe...