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Thursday 14 March 2013

The New Pope

The New Argentinian Pope has apparently made his views clear about what he calls "Las Malvinas," that is The Falkland Islands.  He has made statements regretting the loss of the lives of the Argentinian soldiers, sailors and airmen many of them conscripts, who perished during General Galtieri's misguided attempt forcibly to annex the islands to Argentina.

For a catholic, newly-elected Pope it might be a bit better if he were to apologise for Galtieri's appalling dictatorship and to the families of the "disappeared" ones - those thousands brutally executed or simply dropped from helicopters.  And also for Galtieri's cynical exploitation of the issue to distract attention at home - just as that idiot woman Kirchner is attempting at present.

Meanwhile I suggest that he keeps his Jesuitical nose firmly to the church grindstone (it is in need of urgent attention) and out of the affairs of Great Britain and the Falkland Islands.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

fat chance of keeping his nose out of it..all this is just another distraction from pederast priest issues ...will he do anything about them? No he`ll wind up his billion sheep over a rock in the South Atlantic and let his shepherds carry on with their small minded pronouncements.. All the real issues in the Church,poverty, birth control, aids in Africa, homosexuality, they`ll just be pontificated upon and the stus will remain quo. All a smokescreen for power and control. Masons with frocks.
hypocrisy.. yours mr.angry `O

Paul said...


It's good to be angry; I very often am.

I actually saw her yesterday - I don't think she saw me - at least I hope not.

Not exactly SAS is it? who dares wins?

Wrong mould

Anonymous said...

The world needs anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough.