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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

De Mortuis nil nisi Bonum? Probably Not

So President Chavez is dead; no more "raspberry beret" then.

I shall, in a way, miss his absurd - indeed sometimes almost surreal - rants; I suppose every stage needs a comedian sometimes.

For the Cubans' sake I hope that whichever of his socialist henchmen takes his place will be as generous as the late-lamented one; and for the Venezuelans' sake that the replacement might have at least a minimum understanding of economics or even a basic education.

There's an old joke:
"What would happen if the Sahara desert was taken over by communists?"
Nothing for a few years and then there'd be a shortage of sand."

With arguably the world's largest oil reserves, these socialist goons have a country with crumbling infrastructure and have had even to devalue their currency.  Typical left-wing balls-up - and remember that they have nationalised everything - normally the kiss of death it is true.  If a real lefty takes over I suppose they'll start making an atom bomb like that clown in North Korea.

Sic transit gloria - or perhaps not.

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