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Wednesday 13 February 2013

Bloody St Valentine's Day II

Cartoon from Private Eye

A year ago, I wrote a piece on this accursed day; "Bloody St Valentine's Day."
[Circumstances oblige me to post this a day early].

Returning to things we have done in the pits of depression and despair often prompts remorse, or regret; not this time however.

I stand by every word I wrote and whilst naturally the pain is no longer as sharp as it was a year ago, it is ever-present - as are the feelings that caused it.

Meanwhile, today the BBC has a seasonal piece on the subject of love.  It includes the following:

"Standing in love, though, is the capacity to be with someone and be free with someone. It too feels good [i.e. as romantic love], though for difference reasons. It can allow more subtle qualities to come to the fore, such as commitment and generosity, honesty and openness. It welcomes life."

Yeah, well, this was what I was promised - indeed what we promised to each other - what 'we' were supposed to be working towards.  So that was a load of bollocks wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...



Paul said...

Bloody mobile.

Anonymous said...

well bloody stand still then....`o

Paul said...

I liked the kittens and Putin; the martyr I didn't get - unless it were the other way around.

Paul said...

I've been standing still for over a year...