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Friday 15 February 2013

He Deserves Everything He Gets

The New York Times is generous enough to send me items of "breaking news."  I have just received an item concerning Jesse L. Jackson Junior who is charged in connexion with dubious election expenses:

The Justice Department filed fraud and conspiracy charges on Friday against former Representative Jesse L. Jackson Jr., saying that he used about $750,000 in campaign money for personal expenses that included a Michael Jackson fedora and cashmere capes.
The 10-page document filed in federal court by prosecutors in Washington offered details of Mr. Jackson’s use of campaign money. He has agreed to plead guilty to the charges, although a date for him to accept the plea deal before a judge has not yet been set.
Mr. Jackson’s wife, Sandra Stevens, was also charged with one count of filing false tax returns.

Anyone who would buy a "Michael Jackson Fedora" deserves a longish stretch in "The Big House" in my opinion! 

$750,000?  Crikey! That would pay even for a Michael Jackson-style funeral!

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