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Friday, 8 February 2013

Another Outrage

I have ranted here before about those hideous con-tricks, the wind turbines which are supposed to provide us with renewable energy.

Well they do, but in minuscule amounts that do not at the furthest stretch of the imagination justify the outrageous cost - when subsidies are taken into account.

Today, the ever-bloody-stupid government has authorised the despoliation of an area of the Lincolnshire countryside (Heckington Fen) with 22 of the gross eyesores, over-riding vigorous local opposition.  The report in the Daily Telegraph encourages readers' comments.  One of the commentators has this evening, regularly updated us with the pathetic output of those over-priced monstrosities already in operation to the fury of many.  At 22:20 he reported that output was 0.07GW, that is less than 1% of their rated capacity

A scandal.

Meanwhile I take the  liberty of reproducing here the comments of another: "Fenbeagle":

7,168MW of installed capacity GB metered wind, now producing 74MW (0.2% of grid total)
...And so it is of national importance to trash Heckington Fen with 22 x 125 metre tall wind Follies rated at very aprox. 50MW......How much would this actually be producing now then, if 7,168 produces only 74?
...(No need to do the maths there is no wind at all over Heckington Fen.)

Once again an absolute bloody disgrace. Those responsible should be shot - well all right, put in the stocks for a good spell.

And more bad news: read this
The greedy bastards are rushing to grab the undeserved subsidies while they can...
Finally, here's a link to a useful site that shows what's going on in electricity generation in the UK; here you can see wind's pathetic contribution despite the 7+GW so-called installed capacity.

Until the next time. 

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