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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Damned Inquisitive

At present I am undergoing a lengthy dental treatment programme.  Near my dentist, in Clapham, is a branch of Starbuck's and today after the dentist, I stopped there for a cup of coffee and to read my newspaper.

On ordering my coffee, I was staggered to hear the sales assistant ask for my name; this must be a new idea, since this information was not sought from me during my last visit just before Christmas.

My response to the request was 'why?'  The assistant replied that 'management' had ordered that this be done.  Of course I refused after which the fellow added that he thought that this was 'an American idea' or words to that effect.

I cannot imagine why Starbuck's needs my name and I consider it a gross impertinence to ask for it; after all, I am in the shop to buy a cup of coffee, not for example to order a bespoke suit. Sadly this sort of intrusion and familiarity is all too common (in both senses of the word) these days.

Given the bad odour in which the company is held following the recent revelations that it pays virtually zero Corporation Tax in this country, I recommend that it treads a little more warily in future.

I move that if anyone finds themselves subjected to this sort of request and does not wish to make a direct refusal, that they reply 'Mr Toad' or 'Miss Toad' as appropriate.

Until the next time.

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