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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Wants to be an Enfant Terrible

Rupert Everett. Picture: Daily Telegraph
Rupert Everett has today expressed his concern that "wealthy oligarchs" are going to reduce the population here in Britain to the condition of "Indians under the British Empire."  For good measure, he adds what I suppose he hopes are provocative views about church marriages for 'gay' people.

I suppose that we have been made privy to Mr Everett's thoughts because he is a famous actor, though for the life of me I cannot see why his views are any more relevant than anyone else's; I doubt that the Daily Telegraph would be interested in MY views on such topics, and I do not think that an acting career is a qualification for weighty statements on current affairs, though I must confess that I am disinclined to research the subject further.  Perhaps he approves of the appalling windbaggery of the dreadful Kinnock?

Anyway if the Empire is to return, perhaps that means that the government will build roads and railways and other great public works as were carried out in the days of the Raj.

Damned good show I say.

Until the next time.

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