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Thursday 24 January 2013


An Irishwoman named Dolours Price has died.

"Dolours" is a bloody good name for this terrible woman, who was convicted of involvement in the  IRA Old Bailey bombing in which 200 people were injured.

And this person has admitted driving mother-of-ten Jean McConville on her way to be murdered, again by the IRA.  She also alleges that Gerry Adams, the sanctimonious leader of Sinn Fein was her 'commander,' a claim which Adams denies. Adams said that Price was 'not well.'  For the first time in my life I find myself in agreement with him.

What a  credit to the human race she was.

Unbelievably - to me at least - she was released from prison "on compassionate grounds."  "Compassionate grounds" - you know, like the the bloke who on Gadaffi's orders blew up the aircraft over Lockerbie and lived for another three years or so after his release.
I am now waiting for similar good news in connexion with the likes of Abu Qatada etc.

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