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Monday 3 December 2012

Fortunate Tiger Cubs

Source: BBC

The BBC's website reports today that three tiger cubs abandoned by their mother, have been "adopted" by a dog.  This has taken place at a zoo in Sochi in Southern Russia.

Fortunate indeed to be in Russia.  After all, had this taken place in the UK and the dog been a member of the UK Independence Party, then those little tigers would have to be bottle-fed - and motherless, and thereby assured of a politically-correct upbringing.

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Anonymous said...

but...... if the foster dog had been a member of UKIP, the cubs would have been taken away and given to fundamentalist social workers who could then have a case conference about which other fundamentalist to farm them out with (separately)

and in Vietnam we`d`ve justen eaten the dog.........O

Paul said...

Quite so; I had not considered the fundamentalist consequences - perhaps better to be motherless after all, even with curried dog for supper.