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Thursday 25 October 2012

The Age of The Common Man

Those whose hearts are warmed by the subject of the title of this post might do well to reflect on the ubiquity of repellent "celebrities," thirty-second attention spans and cheap soi-disant "culture" that this age has brought us.

At least I can say quite honestly that I always found the late Jimmy Savile to be profoundly annoying, coarse and vulgar, despite his well-documented charitable efforts.

The late Evelyn Waugh once said that the world ended in 1939.  He was probably quite right; certainly my late father thought so.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

....that would be Savile and not Mr.Jimmy Savile then.

did you know that the Malala girl has been working for your friends, the BBC, for 3 years under the non-de-plume Gul Makai

now then,now then


Paul said...


No, I didn't know; "Gul" in Turkish means "Rose" Perhaps it does in the Pakistani language too.