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Tuesday 2 October 2012

A Word about Abu Hamza

It really is too, too sick-making to feel obliged to write about this repulsive vermin, but duty calls.

Today the BBC reports that said vermin's health is deteriorating.

A likely story, and as likely to be as true as that of the murderer who, on Gadaffi's orders bombed the aircraft that crashed in Scotland killing all on board and as true as that of Ernest Saunders, one of the conspiritors behind the Guinness share scandal, who alleged dementia and was subsequently as fit as a flea.

I don't believe it and neither should anyone in this country with the power to eject this turbulent nuisance into the hands of the Americans who a) are likely to take a more robust view and b) are endeavouring to clear up a mess that as usual, we and the Europeans are incapable of doing.

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Anonymous said...

Now we all know that Saunders was a genuine miracle. Ask any creationist.

0`Nonymous (Mr.)