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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Pathetic - and Very Funny

I have just discovered that we now have a government department that rejoices in the name - wait for it as I can hardly type for laughing - Department of Energy and Climate Change. (The italics are mine of course).

Dear God!  perhaps said dept will, by means of new policies, reverse climate change?

They'll have a fair bit of work to do, given that the climate has been changing for the last 10 billion years or so (unless of course you are one of those sadly-deluded "creationists"  who believe that the earth - the centre of everything of course (!) was created in six days - in which case substitute 6000 years for the 10 billion...).  I read in the Wikipedia piece on the subject of Creationism that a mere 25% of the population of Turkey believe in the theory of evolution; poor Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) must be spinning in his grave.

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Anonymous said...

Which are you ranting about?...creationism or climate change ...get a grip man.


Paul said...

The fatuousness of the name of the Department.

In 1976 there was appointed a Minister for Drought.

I suppose that his rain-dance was as effective as will be the current Secretary of State's efforts to counteract the efforts of the Sun, by which I do not mean the newspaper of that name.