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Wednesday 17 October 2012


With the UK economy in very poor shape, with the problem of Israel having to be restrained from vapourising parts Of Iran, with the on-going disaster in Syria, with the threatened collapse of the Euro or at least the Greek economy etc., etc., how is it that the prime minister has time to involve himself in a stupid football match where some ball-kicker has upset another ball-kicker?

Abject nonsense: this is not work for a prime minister.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

Football opium of the masses.
Surely, any time our davey boy spends away from politics is good for the world. The mans a twerp. Shouldn`t be put in charge of the tuck shop never mind world politics.
I blame the media obsession with celebratizing our culture to a point where outside London the world is being led to view Boris as a contender, callmedave as a footballer and reality tv as real.


Paul said...

"Shouldn`t be put in charge of the tuck shop never mind world politics."

Ha ha: imagine the chaos were Millibean put in charge of the dustbins!

Like my mother, I like Boris: I know he has a chequered past and a distinct lack of ability to keep it in his trousers, but at least he has some "pzazz"

As for the current need for prime ministers to concern themselves with day-to-day minutiae and the activities of Z-list celebrities, I think that the rot began with that quintessential populist crook, Harold Wilson.