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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Mrs Sixpack for Veep?

Early in September, I had occasion to refer to Mrs Todd Palin, still the Republican nominee for Vice-President of the U.S.A.

I have been quite relaxed about her since that time, because she spouts mostly either platitudes or nonsense and although this is far from rare in any politician, she is rather an extreme example; in consequence, I doubt she has added to Mr McCain's election chances, which appear slim at present.

I was disturbed today though to read in an IHT article that she has strong support amongst certain sections of the American population:

All the while, Palin's stoutest defenders are often the Joe Sixpacks in her crowds, who shrug off her critics, ridiculers and perceived adversaries in the news media. They say they appreciate Palin for, above all else, how "real" and "like us" she is.

Image source: Here

Great. Mrs Joe Sixpack: as they say, a "heartbeat away from the presidency."

How very reassuring.

Meanwhile it has been reported that former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell has endorsed Mr Barack Obama's candidature. He gives a number of reasons for his endorsement of Mr Obama, amongst which, referring to Mrs Palin, he said "I don't believe that she is ready to be President of the United States."

That then is something that General Powell and I have in common, although I would add that I doubt that she will ever be ready.

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