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Tuesday 21 October 2008

Chinese Foreign Policy

"China says kidnappings won't affect Sudan policy"

Thus reads this IHT headline today.

Nine Chinese oil workers have been kidnapped in Sudan. The identity of the kidnappers is unknown, although Sudan's government claims that they were carried out by a rebel group that seeks a greater share of oil revenues for local people.

China says that its "close economic ties" with Sudan will not be affected. Well I suppose that if the murder and displacement of hundreds of thousands in the genocide in Darfur cannot affect these "close economic ties", then I suppose that these kidnappings won't either.

In the usual spin, China also says that it is working hard for "peace and reconciliation in Sudan."

So that's all right then.

Very convincing isn't it? China buys 70% of Sudan's oil production.

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Update 26th October.
Human rights groups apparently have charged China with doing nothing to stop the bloodshed and also with violating a United Nations arms embargo. More information on this story here

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