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Wednesday 22 October 2008

Moustache News

Toledoblade.com reports that a policeman, one Officer Ron Dicus (sic) based in the town of Sylvania, Ohio, has been suspended without pay for three days. The charge is insubordination. The reason for the charge? It is stated that Officer Dicus refused to trim his moustache.

From the article:

Because it involved insubordination, this is the way it had to be handled,” Trustee Pam Hanley said after she and fellow trustees took more than an hour in a closed-door executive session to make their decision.
“Insubordination is a very serious charge. This isn’t about a mustache,” she added.

Officer Dicus - After a trim. Source: Toledoblade.com

I would say that actually it IS about a "mustache", but then I do not know how such people's minds work! The regulations concerning moustaches in Sylvania, Ohio (and I daresay elsewhere in the U.S.A.) apparently limit the lowest extent of the facial ornament to "the crease of the mouth." The miscreant's facial hair reportedly extended below this point and further he is said to have refused to restore it to the required dimensions. The moustache was described as being of "George Custer type." Here is a picture of the general who famously perished at the battle of the Little Big Horn...

General George Armstrong Custer
Picture source: here

All this got me wondering if there is an upper limit to the ends of the moustache. Here are two examples:

Kaiser Wilhem II. Picture source: Here


A couple of ideas for Officer Dicus that will perhaps protect him from the wrath of his superiors!

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