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Saturday 30 August 2008

To Defend the Indefensible

Many times I have heard politically-correct persons defending all kinds of primitive practices and/or barbarism on the grounds of tradition. For example, why are orthodox Jewish and Halal butchery permitted in England? Funny that the animal-rights lunatic Nazis do not seem inclined to attack these loathsome practices, preferring to concentrate on scientific institutions. Perhaps it's because they are "traditional" - as Private Eye might comment: "So that's all right then." The Farm Animal Welfare Council, however has protested.

Now, consider this quotation:

"These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them," Israr Ullah Zehri, who represents Baluchistan province, said Saturday. "Only those who indulge in immoral acts should be afraid." (Source IHT)

Yes well, this barbarian, unbelievably (or perhaps not...) part of Pakistan's legislature, was not referring to the sacred Muslim tradition of Halal butchery (and obviously not to the sacred Jewish tradition of Kosher butchery). No, he was referring to the burying alive of five women. This, barbarian Zehri considers, is condign punishment for the women having had the effrontery to want to marry men of their own choice. Obviously his definition of "immoral", no doubt for "cultural" reasons, is somewhat different from mine. The full report from the International Herald Tribune is here. In fairness I must add that many members of the Pakistani legislature were shocked at this statement - as one would hope of course.

There is much wrong in today's world as obviously I do not have to remind you, but "Tradition and Culture" are amongst the principle causes. Consider: Northern Ireland, Georgia, former Yugoslavia, Kenya, Sudan, East Timor and so on - ad nauseam.

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