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Thursday 14 August 2008

Free Speech

Ah yes, Free Speech, that old chestnut. Enshrined in the articles of the United Nations, The European Union, part of the Declaration of Human Rights. And yet...

These thoughts have been triggered by a piece in Techcrunch concerning the arrests of bloggers.

Yes, that's quite correct: I did write "arrests of bloggers." The chart below taken from the Techcrunch article, shows how arrests have increased over the past few years:

Depressing, at least to me; whilst one expects to hear of arrests for the heinous crime of expressing oneself in such places as China, Iran and Burma, it came as a shock to hear of arrests in the USA, Canada, France and Great Britain.

I have written here, sometimes in strong terms, about this subject - this piece for example. I would have been depressed indeed had I found Denmark on the list!

Until the next time.

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