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Saturday 9 August 2008


In this case, nostalgia for an atmosphere - or ambience - I suppose you'd call it, that was before my time, but always seems to hold a certain resonance for me.

An excerpt from the 1941 British film "Dangerous Moonlight" starring Anton Wallbrook as a Polish concert pianist/fighter pilot. This is the first time I have seen any of this famous film and I hope to be able to find a DVD copy. The film is not famous for itself (it is a typical wartime raise-your-spirits effort, and sentimental to boot by all accounts) but for the excellent music composed by Richard Addinsell (who was also writer/accompanist to British institution, Joyce Grenfell).

The music is "The Warsaw Concerto": lasting just over eight minutes it is a little romantic gem and for me always strongly redolent of the "dark days of the Second World War." It is said that originally the producers of the film approached Sergei Rachmaninov for permission to use his famous Second Piano Concerto in the film, but he responded "Nyet." Happily Addinsell's creativity more than filled the gap.

Here is the original soundtrack version which I hope you will enjoy.

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