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Saturday 16 August 2008

"Have Some MIDORI M'dear!"

The rumour merchants have been very busy lately concerning a Microsoft development: a new type of operating system described in Wikipedia as a "managed code operating system". The Computerworld blog goes so far as to say that "Microsoft has serious plans to do away with Windows"... the blog goes on to quote one David Worthington as saying " [Microsoft is] carefully conceptualizing a way to move millions of users away from the existing Windows codebase and onto Midori, a legacy-free operating system."

Well, it is this writer's view that Microsoft has to act and act quickly in the face of new challenges: the increased market penetration of Linux and Apple's resurgence being just two. Apart from this we can expect further dramatic changes, with the arrival of new, small and low-powered computers that rely on the "cloud computing" concept of operation.

I am somewhat baffled at the choice of the name "Midori" - just as the choice of "Vista" as a name prompted some questions in my mind. Once again Wikipedia is my friend; there are lots of "Midoris"!

Happily for the cohesion of this post, it turns out that one Midori is a liqueur made from melons, whilst another is a porn star.

Have some Midori m'dear,
You really have nothing to fear,
There was Windows ME,
(which went down the drain)
And Vista's a dog,
(I won't use it again)
But Midori will triumph,
In two oh one three,
So have some Midori with me!

Until the next time

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