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Saturday, 23 February 2008

None of their Business

This time it's the Islamists in Indonesia who are showing their primitive thought-processes off to the rest of the world. Of course some of them want the cartoonist who produced the picture of Mohammed with a bomb for a turban, put to death. It really is positively mediaeval.

From this article:

"There is a big agenda among enemies of Islam to discredit the faith and we cannot just keep quiet," said protester Zainuddin, who goes by a single name.

This quote merely serves to remind me that many of the Islamists (Al Quaida, the Wahabi Arabs, the Taliban etc., etc.) are perfectly capable of discrediting their faith by themselves.

Indonesian Muslims had traditionally been relatively moderate; it is tragic that it would seem that they are on the same depressing path as so many of their co-religionists around the world.

Once again, I have to say that it is entirely unacceptable to threaten death to someone whose opinions differ and I applaud the courage of all involved in persisting in expressing their belief, namely that of freedom of expression.

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