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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

"Offended Again"

Once again I am inclined to say "Ah, diddums!"

Yes it seems that the Pakistanis expect the Danish Government to control the media in their country. For a shambles like Pakistan to be making demands of the Danish government is hilarious to this writer - perhaps a bit like Valdimir Putin or "Dr" Robert Mugabe giving a lecture on democracy.

It's that cartoon again (see below on this blog). Apparently some enterprising Danish newspaper has published it again, probably in connexion with the arrest of the vermin who threatened the life of the cartoonist.

Akbar Zeb, additional secretary at the Foreign Ministry, told the Danish diplomat that the "republication of the cartoons had deeply offended Muslim feeling and sentiment."

"While we upheld freedom of the press, freedom of expression should not be taken as a license to insult and malign other religions," Zeb was quoted as saying in the statement.

Full article here

It would be amusing to hear how Mr Zeb defines "freedom of the press"... With the constant message that their religion is the true one I wonder why these people are so easily offended? After all, if it's that good then it should be immune to the pathetic efforts of mere humans.

And anyway, what newpapers in Europe (and elsewhere) choose to print is none of their damned business.

Meanwhile, normally sensible Eygpt has over-reacted, banning several Western newspapers from sale, also for printing the cartoons; this action has been accompanied, depressingly, by the usual student demonstrations.

Amid all this the Voice of Reason - and I am happy to quote it here:

On Sunday, the Mecca-based Muslim World League urged Muslims, Islamic organizations and centers in Denmark to maintain calm following the reprinting of the cartoons.

"Muslims should not get caught in a whirlwind of emotional reactions," it said. (Article)

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