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Sunday, 10 February 2008

"Good News" Section

As a curious person (in both senses of the word) I like to keep up to date with all - or a least some - of what is going on in the world. As I prefer to eschew the television, I have subscribed to an RSS feed via Google Reader to a variety of news sites. From time to time I shall use these pages to draw your attention to items that have caught my eye.

The AP rolling news feed provides an enormous amount of news and it is from there that I have selected an item about that credit to the human race, Dr Robert Mugabe, architect of Zimbabwe's ruin.

Surprisingly, the opposition seems to have the idea that Mugabe might "rig the vote" in the forthcoming presidential elections. The article from the International Herald Tribune is here.

Well the tyrant is 84, so I imagine that the population is hopeful that the misery hasn't too long to run.

It was another tyrant, Josef Vissarionovich Stalin who said "It doesn't matter who voted for whom. What is important is who counts the votes."

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