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Sunday 7 July 2013

Wimbledon Final Reflections

Today, the last day of the championships, we were treated to a splendid display of top-class tennis from two superb players; two champions.

Novak Djokovic was supremely dignified, sporting and charming in defeat (John Inverdale look on and weep) and he put up a tremendous fight, throughout the match.

I feel that Murray deserved his victory; no-one could have tried harder than he - there was very little that was beyond his reach or so it seemed.

My own feelings however are I regret to say, of jealousy; not for the supreme talent and evident work ethic of the two wonderful players.  No, talent is a rare thing and I never had any sporting aspirations; I am jealous of the wonderful support Andy Murray receives from his girlfriend.  In  truth, only once in my life have I enjoyed that degree of commitment and it lasted about nine months in 1978/9.

I hope that Murray knows just how lucky he is.

And I offer my congratulations.

Until the next time.

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