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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Words on Wimbledon: More Grrr and a Nod to a Touch of Class

Once upon a time, the Daily Express possessed the services of a wonderful cartoonist called Giles.  Giles's beautifully-drawn cartoons often featuring a classic suburban family complete with an  irascible "Gran," were hugely popular.  In particular I recall a cartoon which, one year reflected the annual British passion for the lawn tennis Championships at Wimbledon.  The family were depicted stocking up with crates of baked beans etc., in preparation for a fortnight's "siege" whilst the tennis appeared on the television.

And yes, I enjoy watching the tennis still, despite the appalling shrieks uttered by some of the female players and the dreadful solecisms from the BBC's commentators.

A reminder: when stating the score during a game, that of the server is always given first; at the conclusion of a set or match, that of the victor.  It therefore drives me to the verge of apoplexy to hear the cretinous commentators say "he is love-forty DOWN."  Of course he is down - he  is LOVE-FORTY you great booby!   Even worse I have heard "He was 15-40 down ON HIS SERVICE" - morons.

I am also disgusted at the extreme behaviour of the crowds: applauding a double fault is very bad manners and I loathe the pathetic slow hand-clapping every time a line call challenge is made.  I suspect that the English crowds have picked up this infuriating habit from the French at Roland Garros.

And another thing: it is depressing to see quite frequently the loser depart alone from the court; this is bad form. The loser should of course wait and leave the court together with the victor.

Yesterday, following her defeat by Sabine Lisicki, seven-times champion Serena Williams showed true class and good manners by waiting for Miss Lisicki.  They left the court together.

An example to us all, now sadly rather rare.

Until the next time.

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Anonymous said...

I am bound to say that, i feel it is a good thing that you don`t listen to football commentary. I do agree with your comments regarding court etiquette. Cricket,too ,seems to have lost its manners....letting to many oiks in to watch was probably the start.......