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Sunday 7 July 2013

Story of a Pleb

So BBC Wimbledon commentator John Inverdale is in trouble after making derogatory remarks about new champion Marion Bartoli's looks.

Ludicrously, these comments have been criticised for being "sexist."  What rubbish!  Inverdale was commenting on her looks, not her gender; people are very stupid, allowing themselves to be brainwashed by the "right-on" lefties and liberals.

As for Inverdale, whilst  not guilty of "sexism," he is certainly guilty of deplorable ungentlemanly behaviour and should immediately offer a grovelling personal apology if not his resignation (fat chance).

After all, what can one expect of a somebody who would say "love-forty DOWN?"

As I have complained before, why does the BBC find it necessary to employ oiks like Inverdale?


It has just been reported that Inverdale has written to Mlle Bartoli apologising for what he called his "ham-fisted comments."

I should bloody-well think so.

Until the next time.


Anonymous said...

Sexist ,of course its sexist

He wouldn`t have been derogatory about a blokes "looks"
perhaps if she was paid equally he would be more polite.


Paul said...

"perhaps if she was paid equally he would be more polite"

But she was...

And anyone who watched the two singles finals would see straight away my point about the prize money.

He might have been derogatory about "a bloke's looks" were he one of those who bats for the other side!