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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Congratulations to President Obama on winning his second term, albeit with a reduced majority. I recall very well writing about his 2008 victory here four years ago.  What I wrote then about Mr Obama still stands, but I am now able to add that I consider him to be a good thing for America and wish him well in his struggles with the many problems he faces.

My friends and I are greatly relieved that his opponent failed to prevail; we found the idea of a right-wing bible-basher in the White House somewhat disturbing; compliments are due though for Mr Romney's dignified concession of defeat.  He is better acting the statesman than pontificating about a  double "second coming" apparently to be in Missouri and Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely...the thought of Mitt in charge was horrifying.

Your breakfast venue sounds interesting. Long may it last.