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Thursday 29 November 2012

More Expensive Greeny Warmist Carbon Crap

Oh God!

The energy companies will have carte-blanche to carry on their well-known policy of piracy and banditisme under the guise that it will "save the planet"

The reality is that unless new nuclear facilities are built quickly, we'll all be in the dark. The alternative is to start digging up coal again; the idea floated this week about increasing our dependency on imported gas is strategic madness; and anyway please tell me what is "green" about burning gas?  The molecules found in natural gas contain naughty carbon atoms; oh dear!

Don't for a minute imagine that despoiling the countryside with those expensive, hideous and inefficient wind generators will have any significant effect on meeting our ever-expanding energy requirements.  They are one of the best confidence tricks of all - together of course with the absurd idea that mankind is principally responsible for the  climate which, as I have observed before, has been changing ever since the day the earth began to exist.

Fuming today.

Until the next time


Anonymous said...

I have always considered that solar PV cells on every suitable roof in Britain would be a good start to energy conservation.
As it stands the energy initiatives for dwellings are designed to sell new boilers and double glazing....double glazing salesmen.....perish the thought

nice to see you back....`O

Paul said...

Yes of course; shame about the high cost - and the incidence of theft I understand.

As for the double-glazing salesmen, well they're a pane (groans)