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Friday 19 November 2010

Please Read This

Just as "Global Warming" has been shown to be a blatant lie, now the pigeons have come to roost concerning "Passive Smoking.

There's a good blog article on the subject of a recent Canadian study here.

Funny it received so little publicity; non-conformist news (cf. "Global Warming") is always unpopular, as is of course the truth.

Until the next time.


ArtCo said...

Well we wont hear any of this in the MSM though ,will we. The anti smoking lobby are more dangerous than that rabid disease that they purport to protect us against .
They are the pre-cursors to anti-anything, they don't give a fuck about health they just want your money. We must fight people like A.S.H etc and expose them for what they are.
Like your blog btw

Paul said...

I agree.

Thanks for the kind words.