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Sunday 14 November 2010

Lead by Example

In this case I mean my suggestion that you peruse the links I have added to this page!

I have just been browsing Smokers Info, and found a good piece about another lying government, this time the State of Alberta in Canada.

This was all about the state trying to raise some money by hitting tobacco (again) - suing the tobacco companies. The position was that medical treatment of "smoking-related diseases" was costing the state some $3.5 billion per annum and the claim that the taxes raised from the sale of tobacco products did not cover these costs.

Embarrassingly for the government, an anti-smoking group, "Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada" (yuk) has stated that the revenue raised is actually $7 billion!

Whoops! Read all about it here.

Can anyone identify a single government that does not lie? And do the anti-smoking physicians claim a first for being, in this instance at least, honest?

Until the next time.

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