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Monday 22 November 2010

A Small Start?

The disturbing news reported today by the BBC, following a Panorama investigation, that anti-Semitic and homophobic lessons are being given to schoolchildren in the United Kingdom, has provoked a response from the Education Secretary, Mr Michael Gove:

"To my mind it doesn't seem to me that this is the sort of material that should be used in English schools."

A bit tame don't you think? However, in the video, (on the BBC article) which includes pictures of the lesson-books concerned (which apparently originate in Saudi-Arabia) Mr Gove is a little more robust, but I think that he should have said:

"Her Britannic Majesty's Government requests and requires that these books be burned immediately, some distance outside UK territorial waters."

Happily, a) I have no children and b) live in France...

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