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Sunday 14 December 2008

Offensive Weapon Warning

"Evil" hot pepperoni pizza
Image source: Here

Yes, it's a hot pepperoni pizza.

The Daily Telegraph reports that a pizza delivery man in Florida fought off a gun-slinging crook by throwing a steaming hot pizza into his face.  Three alleged miscreants have been arrested.

I expect that since the law in England is firmly on the side of the criminal, that had the events taken place in "Blighty" then it would be the delivery man who would now be in gaol, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, and were the "criminals" members of an "ethnic minority", with a "hate" crime also.  The miscreants, who would all of course claim to have been "abused" would be receiving "counselling" and probably a holiday at public expense.

I expect that just as law-abiding people are being arrested for carrying penknives, that soon carrying a hot pizza will also be an offence - in England.

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